Jos Opdeweegh: The Importance of Corporate Culture and Team Spirit

How does a strong corporate culture develop team spirit?

The first business I ran that I was a CEO of was essentially a start-up, and so we started with nothing. Well, we started with carried over losses that were quite significant, and we didn’t know if we were going make it to the next year.

What got us through was a tremendous amount of camaraderie, a tremendous amount of team spirit, and a tremendous amount of hard work.

With that, we also had an incredible bond that went way beyond way beyond just corporate life. We were also friends outside work and we did a tremendous number of things with the little free time we had with our families, and that was just an incredible time.

Everybody who was engaged with that company at that point in time still thinks fondly – and this is now 20 years ago – still thinks fondly of those days. You know, it was sort of the Robin Hood mentality…it was wonderful.